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© Ryan Sharma 2016.

© Ryan Sharma 2016

10 Sept 2016
After enjoying the Grosvenor Film Festival so much in 2014 I decided to get more involved in 2015 and 2016. So far I’ve helped out at a couple of Grosvenor’s Mayfair events, including a screening of ‘Vertigo’ at Brown Hart Gardens. The image above is from one of Chestertons’ own pop-up cinema events, ‘The Goonies’ at Old Deer park, Richmond.

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View of London

4 May 2015

I recently acquired a second job title at Chestertons, that of Marketing’s ‘Minister of Fun’. It basically involves organising late afternoon team building activities every 6-8 weeks and is, as the name suggests, lots of fun. With a promise to the team that there would be no assault courses, karaoke or other extreme sport, I gathered a few ideas together and put them to the vote.

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Grosvenor Film Festival

23 June 2014

Chestertons recently sponsored the Grosvenor Film Festival. I was asked to design some pop-up flag banners for the event. A colleague and I were lucky enough to attend a Sunday night showing of ‘Casablanca’ in Belgrave Square. The balmy summer evening was made complete when we discovered we also had complimentary picnics. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid…

The Royal Academy

24 April 2014

As part of Chesterton Humberts’ corporate sponsorship of the RA, a colleague and I were given the opportunity to take part in a life-drawing class at the Academy’s school. Having already attended a printmaking workshop at the RA earlier in the year, I was keen to visit again. Sitting in the magnificent life room, on the same benches where once sat many famous academicians, was an amazing experience.


1 May 2013
When I got my first job as a junior designer, I was lucky enough to learn from designers and artworkers who had been in the business for years and really knew their stuff. They taught me the practical side of design and artworking that, quite often, is not taught at university. This exercise is to refresh my memory and to share with anyone who is interested. So here are a few tips on how to prepare InDesign files for print:

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Polo in the Park

11 May 2012
As a thank you to Chesterton Humberts for sponsoring MINT Polo in the Park 2012, the Marketing Department were treated to a day at the Hurlingham Club to take part in their Polo Academy. We were instructed in the use of the mallet, before being introduced to our ponies. Mine was a beautiful thoroughbred answering to the name of Tallulah (above, far right). I’m sure Hurlingham, with its long and proud history, has never seen such a motley bunch of players; most of us having never ridden a horse in our lives. I had a wonderful time and even won a little trophy for ‘most improved player’. All the credit goes to Tallulah of course, she being the only one of the pair of us who could actually play polo.

Meridian 48 sheet
22 November 2010
I was passing through Hunts Cross on my way to work this morning and, to my surprise, saw the Meridian Business Village 48-sheet on the platform. I’m always excited to see my work in print. I submitted a few designs for this one. The client’s choice of the businessman on a tricycle is not the one I would have chosen, but I’m warming to the idea. If nothing else, he’s eye-catching. I’ve christened him Reginald, seeing as we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other over the next few weeks.